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ART DIGITAL at The View. NFT & Metaverse conference – NFT Exhibition – Video Art - Real art cocktail party with artists.

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THE VIEW Lugano 29 Via Guidino 6900 Lugano Switzerland

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Everyone is invited to :-Thusday, 29th September 2022

Data: Gio, Set 29 • 14:00 CEST14:00 – 23:00 CETDigital Art

What is NFT how is it best collected and why is it taking place. 

What is the Metaverse which platform are dedicates for Art.

This introduction to NFT world is dedicated for thoes who want to know more about Art NFT and Metaverse and maybe want to start collecting or even producing NFT.30 world famous Artists will be showcasing their artwork and you will have the possibility to speak and network with some of them.

We are excited to be holding an event of Art Week Lugano Around Fintech, Crypto, NFTs and Party afterward.

About this eventHi All,We are excited to be holding a new series of events from Art Week Lugano with Art Digital Around Fintech, NFTs and Party afterward.

Timings:14:00pm Networking & cafee14:30pm 

Greeting from the munucipalist

Greeting by Georg Brach

Introduction about the panelist

16:30pm caffè break 

17:00pm Speeches & panels

18:30pm Networking & Music

19:00pm Dinner



- Georg Bak - Intro Speech

- Niclas Genovese (Tokengate) - Basic Introduction in NFTs

- Kate Vass (Kate Vass Galerie) - The NFT Art Market

- Lukas Amacher (1of1 NFT Collection) - How to collect NFTsTcommunication 

- Audemars Tanja 

- Alessandro DamatoCryptonomist

 - Amelia Tommasicchio

We look forward to seeing you there!Kindest regards,

Tcommunication Swiss

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