Company Growth Through Personal Transformation

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Learn to scale your business through ultimate clarity, trust and "mind-matched" teams

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Join the session and learn to let go of hindering beliefs that keep you from being really successful

Companies represent a collection of people with individual stories and visions.

This is the ultimate power of companies, but can also be a challenge, as subconscious and covert behaviors and beliefs often block a clear alignment with our inner nature and purpose.

When it comes to teams or co-founders these covert beliefs often result in incoherent behaviour and miscommunication, sometimes leading to companies going out of business or facing serious trouble.

If you're looking for partnerships, employees or capital, your potential stakeholders may sense your lack of coherence and trust and choose not to work with you.

We have developed a simple method through which you can not only prevent such downfalls but also boost your growth to a new level.

We will share with you how to let go of your blocking beliefs and hold space for others to do so. If you manage this skill, you will find your entire organization more aligned with your purpose, vision and trust.

Over the past 3 years we have transformed over a hundred leaders and founders with a simple process. The outcome is clarity, simplification and an almost effortless success in growing your company and yourself further.

As a result of experiencing our event and program, you will find yourself and the entire organization feeling more open, communicating better and with a higher self esteem.

Join us to experience how it feels to let go ad be effortlessly successful.

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Veranstalter Philipp Aeschlimann

Veranstalter von Company Growth Through Personal Transformation

As a result of working with Philipp, people uncover their passion and unapologetically live it.

Philipp uses quantum technology to help people earn good money with what they love.


Philipp joins a deep intuition, excellent mastery of quantum technology and a structured, strategic approach.

He has more than 10 years of sales experience and has work experience from a large range of industries.

He grew his own business by 500% in less than 12 months.

As a coach he stands out because he helps you to explore deep rooted beliefs and is at your side with very specific advice how to go forward.

His desire is to share with you how to find your true calling and using it to make the amount of money you want (or more). Join one of the Quantum events to learn more about Philipp and how he can serve you.

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