Console Toolkit Workshop

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Console Toolkit Workshop

Find out how to use the console to work efficently and automate tedious tasks! Works best with Linux (but also Windows WSL) #digital

By ETH Student Project House

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Tue, 4 Apr 2023 18:15 - 20:15 CEST


SPH - FHK Clausiusstrasse 16 8006 Zürich Switzerland

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  • 2 hours
  • Mobile eTicket

The console (aka command line) is well-known for being very efficient and fitting many different styles of use. But what can you do with it?

Our goal in the Console Toolkit course is to introduce a large range of tools and to teach you how you can profit from them. We'll show you typical tasks that the command line is good at, such as renaming hundreds of files, searching and replacing text, automatic downloading etc... This way, you'll be able to recognize those tasks in the wild and don't have to do them by hand.

Linux has many useful tools, so we don't intend to cover them all in detail. We'll instead take a sweeping glance to cover as many use cases as possible and provide you with learning resources if you want to delve deeper into a topic. Most of the course will take place on the command line, but no prerequisite knowledge is required.


This workshop is part of the LinuxDays. It's best if you have a Linux PC. If you want to use Windows, you should look at WSL, which allows you to run Linux inside Windows:

We are also happy to help you during the Digital Makerspace Opening Hours to set everything up (make sure you are prepared for the workshop):

The Alternative and the Student Project House Collaboration.

This event is brought to you through a collaboration between TheAlternative and the Student Project House!

The Student Project House

ETH Student Project House (SPH) was built with a singular vision – to be a dynamic melting pot that empowers the next generation of makers and innovators. We provide students with a pressure-free environment that triggers inspiration, discussion, and hands-on (and often messy) exploration, so that they can foster a mindset geared to create, innovate and lead impactful change.


TheAlternative is a student organization at ETH who help you with Linux at their events and in their office. For free! Because they love Open Source and Free Software and want to help you to get started. Each semester, they organize events to help you use and produce Free and Open Science, Hardware, Software and File Formats.

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