How to successfully build and develop a company - and how to raise funds

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Serial Digital Entrepreneur, Unicorn Co-Creator and Investor Dr. Urs Aebischer shares 25 years of experience.

About this event


The event consists of 2 main parts

a) gain entrepreneurial insights and

b) networking break-out sessions.

This is a 100% online event. Participation by Zoom.

Participants can be located anywhere in the world!

This FREE event is sponsored by DISEO and SWISS INNOVATION PARTNERS and will feature DR. URS AEBISCHER a seasond entrepreneur from Crypto Valley, Switzerland

Participants who have registered via Eventbrite will be emailed the login link right before the start of the event.

Participants have the opportunity to receive a share of DISEO Decentralized Social Commerce Ecosystem (see below).


We discuss key topics which drive the success of businesses from incubation to growth and scale-up. Gain insights from seasoned entrepreneurs and how to apply lessons learnt to your own company.

During this webinar you will learn the essence of formation, development and scaling including how to get funded with the necessary steps to take so that your company’s legal structure is attractive for investments.

Every event is different as we discuss and provide insights to solve current challenges of entrepreneurs they brought to the webinar.

Come with your questions and directly benefit from instant advise to your current challenges. Get ready to start your own enterprise or Be excited to meet other enterpreneurs who can help you to scale. Meet investors who can discover you and your idea to be funded!

The event is structured as follows:

  • Introduction = Introduce yourself (voluntarily)
  • Topic of the day / challenges as suggested by attendees
  • Startup presentation (attendees can apply spontaneously)
  • Entrepreneurs Q&A Session = Answering of questions of attending entrepreneurs related to current challenges with their business
  • Break-out sessions = Group discussions related to current challenges with your company and how other attendees can support you.


Bring the challenges that you currently face, discuss it with other attending entrepreneurs and learn from their experience.

We particularly address how blockchain is driving innovation, but not limited to it. Fundraising is a very important topic among others.

You may apply for coaching or to present you company to our investors.


Dr. Urs Aebischer is a serial digital entrepreneur since 1998 who gained experience in all aspects of starting and growing companies. He shares this experience with the attendees and answers questions related to their current entrepreneurial challenges. Urs co-created his first unicorn in 2000 and is now about to create his second one.

Urs has a passion to share his experience with young talented entrepreneurs and executives to make their vision a reality. He started this event series in January 2018 with monthly webinars on entrepreneurial topics.

Urs has earned a PhD in physics from ETH (Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology) and startet his career as management consultant in telecommunications. His frist startup was about VoIP, then moved to mobile marketing, social media and social commerce.

Urs gained particular experience in how to structure companies, to become investment ready, to quickly create an MVP, to design and develop products which cover customer needs beyond expectation, to create niche leadership and to scale big with global ambitions.


To facilitate the exchange between entrepreneurs, please download the app 'CIRCLES by DISEO' and choose the community 'Crypto Valley Entrepreneurs'. You can then chat and call privately or in groups with other entrepreneurs before, during and after the event - stay connected!

On you can also add a profile of your company for fundraising. It's free. And you can also create your own social media community platform. You might even get your own social media app for your startup and integrate your services. Please write, when you need more information.        


Those entrepreneurs who complete the following steps will receive for free a tokenized non-voting share of DISEO in the value of 220 CHF.

1) Participate at this event and leave your email address in the chat room of the zoom session

2) Register on 'CIRCLES by DISEO' through scaning the QR code of Urs Aebischer below

3) Follow 'Crypto Valley Entrepreneurs' on Eventbrite

This gives you the opportunity to experience yourself how you can tokenize your own company and to create your own community to buy your tokenized shares.


DISEO is the newest venture of Urs with aspiration to become a unicorn in 2022.

DISEO is a decentralized ecosystem of interconnected autonomous social platforms operated by brands and organizations. Users exclusively control their data as a valuable asset and make money from it.

DISEO flips the current Internet payment model upside down. Instead of advertisers paying the platforms, advertisers directly pay verified users for their permission, attention and engagement. Influencers and other contributors as well as the communities receive a revenue share.

In short: Real users earn real money to help brands to create real traction. And as a valuable side effect DISEO eliminates fake users, reduces racism and hate speech and supports sustainability.

We offer to join the team of DISEO to learn how to be an entrepreneur, before you apply your experience gained to your own company. And after you start your own company you will be supported by the DISEO team.

We also invite you to become an 'Entrepreneur in Residence'. This means you develop your idea of your startup as part of the DISEO family. This will accelerate your development.


This event is part of an event series with general discussions on how to create, structure and scale a business or how to address challenges.

We discuss different topics such as:

  • Seed - Growth - Scale-up Funding
  • Funding Stages and How to Raise Funds
  • Forms of Funding / Convertible Debt
  • Crowdfunding compared to VC Funding
  • Regulations and How to Comply
  • Business Modeling
  • Marketing / Communications / GTM
  • International Business Development
  • Trading Platforms
  • Use Cases
  • Legal Framework / Agreements with Founders / Employees
  • International Networking
  • Pitch Training
  • Finding Co-Founders / Skilled Experts
  • Finding Co-Workers / Team Building
  • Incentivation / Tokenomics
  • Company Formation / Structuring / Reorganization
  • Private Equity / Succession
  • Private Sales / ICO / STO / IPO

Gain insights and learn:

  • What is required to be an entrepreneur
  • How to prepare becoming an entrepreneur
  • What organization structure is needed
  • What to agree with co-founders
  • How to get started
  • How to challenge your idea
  • How to realize your idea
  • How to assess your target audience
  • How to create an MVP
  • How to build your business model
  • How to save time and costs
  • How to avoid pitfalls
  • How to be unique
  • How to get investment ready
  • What investors want to know
  • How to present to investors
  • How and when to approach investors
  • How to tokenize my shares
  • How to manage investors
  • How to value your company
  • When and how to launch
  • How to create your sales strategy
  • How to gain initial traction
  • How to gain customers
  • How to prepare for growth
  • How to accelerate your growth
  • How to manage a crisis
  • And much more


This event is part of an event series with general discussions on how to create, structure and scale a business or how to address challenges.

We discuss different topics such as:

  • Existing and future entrepreneurs

  • Investors of all stages

  • Advisors and consultants


For questions and feedback: 


Phone: +41 58 680 9000




DISEO: and


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		How to successfully build and develop a company - and how to raise funds image

		How to successfully build and develop a company - and how to raise funds image
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Date and time


Online Only


6300 Zug


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Organiser Crypto Valley Entrepreneurs

Organiser of How to successfully build and develop a company - and how to raise funds

Crypto Valley Entrepreneurs is a community of entrepreneurs - young entrepreneurs seeking to gain experience for developing and growing their company -and experienced entrepreneurs to share their experience and to give back to the society.

It's also about networking to exchange ideas and experience, to find co-founders, engineers, marketeers, business developers, advisors, mentors, investors, to improve the pitching skills and to sharpen the business vision.

This is for entrepreneurs of companies of any development stage, independent whether concept, prototyping, launch, growth-hacking, scale-up stage and with any industry focus and with any technology background. When your business background interest is in Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence you might find it particularly interesting.

We invite entrepreneurs worldwide to interconnect with us. We are interconnected worldwide, particularly with Silicon Valley, New York, Toronto, London, Baltic's, Berlin, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo.

Urs Aebischer, the host of CVE, has 25 years of experience as serial digital entrepreneur and investor who has gained experience in all aspects of early stage companies of a wide range of industries, in particular media and entertainment. He co-created a unicorn with $100m revenues reaching a $3.5B valuation.

For more information:

or connect with Urs Aebischer on DISEO

- by downloading app CIRCLES by DISEO

- or clicking here with mobile

Crypto Valley Entrepreneurs is hosted by Swiss Innovation Partners, an incubator & accelerator in Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland. Let us know when you need support in setting up your company in Switzerland. We are also delighted to help you with becoming investment-ready, to find investors, and to prepare your own STO (public security offering).

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