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Koki Hatha Yoga Experience

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I'd like to welcome you to the Koki Yoga Hatha Experience, which is a 6 week program which covers strong practices and breathing techniques.

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The program will focus on creating balance of interacting activities and methods of the physical body, alignment, engagement, mind and energy.

This style of yoga will help you to balance the sun energy and moon energy within your body. It builds up the immunity, enhances your flexibility and as well as the balance in general.

While each class will last about 60 minutes and typically starts with breath-work and intention-setting, advance to warm up and physical poses and end with meditation.

Here's a breakdown of a typical class:

Breathing: Most hatha yoga classes start with a period of focus on your breath or pranayama. As you go through the poses, your teacher will continue to remind you to focus on your breath and may offer different breathing exercising to try.

Poses: Yoga poses, also called postures or asanas, are a series of movements that help improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Poses range in difficulty from laying flat on the floor to physically challenging positions. If at any time during your class, a pose is too difficult, your instructor can provide you with a modified posture.

Meditation: All classes end with a guided meditation. During this period of quiet reflection, your teacher may ask you to lie on your back and may cover you with a blanket.

Helping you overcome:

• Anxiety /Depression

• Self doubts

• Limited self believes, self-distructive behaviour

• Addiction

• Injury pain

• Disturbed self-awareness

Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Here are some benefits of how the 6 weeks program will help you:

• Improves flexibility and strengthen your muscles

• Anxiety and depression: Yoga can help relieve everyday anxiety and depressive symptoms, however, it may not be effective for clinically diagnosed mental health conditions.

• Back pain: helps improves low-back pain

• Increases circulation: activates your body circulation

• Balance: helps improve balance mind and body

• Emotional health: Has a positive impact on mental health and was shown to have benefits of improving resilience or general mental well-being

• PMS/Menopause: can relieve physical and psychological symptoms of PMS or menopause

• Mindfulness: participants attributed greater and calmer mindfulness, motivation to participate in other forms of activity and eat healthier, and the influence of a health-minded yoga community to practicing yoga regularly.

• Neck pain: reduce the neck pain intensity and disability from pain while also improving range of motion in the neck.

• Sleep: can improve sleep quality and duration.

• Stress management: Yoga was shown to improve physical or psychological measures related to stress.

The program will last for 6 weeks and is welcomed to all, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. I am honoured for every single one of you, joining the program. Looking forward to see you, if you have any questions you can e-mail me at:

Price: CHF 180.-

Early bird ticket: CHF 120.-

Couple tickets: CHF 100.- (terms apply)

Trial Ticket (1 Week Session): CHF 30.-

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