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Learn to regulate your emotions and regain power over how you feel in any situation.

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Karl der Grosse Kirchgasse 14 8001 Zürich Switzerland

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Our emotional state defines the quality of our life. Being in control of how we feel and regulate uncomfortable emotions like STRESS, INSECURITY, FEAR, RESTLESSNESS is KEY to stay in our power.

Your ability to regulate emotions defines

- the level of your happiness

- the quality of your relationships

- whether you are achieving your goals

- how long you are suffering

How can you regulate your emotions if this has never been taught to you? It simply isn’t part of our education system. However, emotions are the driving forces of our experience. It is the force that makes us thrive or is keeping us stuck.

It is time to learn how to master emotions. The moment you master emotional intelligence your life will change.

In this workshop you will

- learn about emotional patterns

- train your emotional intelligence

- learn how to change your emotions

You are welcome to join us in this free workshop, get ready it will be fun and interactive!

See you soon

Maria & Team