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Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online)

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Why attending this training?

The WEF names innovation, active learning, and complex problem solving as the top 3 skills for the future workforce. This list is followed by topics like creativity, critical thinking, and technology design.

Problem Framing is an essential part of innovation and complex problem-solving. Learning this skill will help you produce better results.

How does it look like?

This training is part of our 5 part Innovation program. However, you can book it individually if you do not want to attend the whole program.

Our program consists out of 5 topics, spread into six 2h-after-work-sessions plus a coaching session a few weeks after the training to help you with any obstacle you face.

All slots are live-facilitated online by the DAY8- founders so you can interact with us and other attendees at all times.


1 INTRODUCTION: Innovation-process and -design (2h // Thu May 27)

2 UNDERSTAND: Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h // Tue June 1st & 8)

3 IDEATE: Finding creative solutions (2x2h // Tue June 15 & 22)

4 VALIDATE: Research & Prototyping (2h // Tue June 29)

5 CHECK-IN: Post-Program Coaching Session (1h // Tue Aug 3)

All in all 13hours of interactive training packed with theory, exercises, and reflection rounds. Additional to this, we will give you small tasks between the sessions, but no worries, it won't be too much effort as we know you have a life besides the program.

If you are interested in the full program, have a look here. If you attend the whole program, the coaching session is included for free.

BTW: If you would realize within the training, that we do not meet your expectations, we give a full money back warranty. No questions asked! This is how convinced we are, that we add value to your life ;). #riskfreebooking

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

Our view on the buzz-word "innovation"

For us, innovation is a way of thinking, a value-adding novelty, and the process to get there.

In the end, innovation is the constant change a company needs to become future-proof. Especially in a growingly changing and complex world, adapting to market developments and -needs is more important than ever. Anyhow, today "94% of global executives are disappointed with their companies innovation performance." (McKinsey).

We believe innovation can be even more than just help the company to survive. With the right mindset & tools, work becomes more fulfilling, personal success more likely, and wellbeing at work can be boosted for each one of us. As we are convinced that fun is a crucial part of successful innovation, we focus on tools that are not only effective and efficient but also help to enjoy working alone or with your colleagues.

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

What you will learn

At the end of this training, you will be able to identify problems better, frame them, and do the needed steps to come from problem- to solution-space.

Learning Objectives:

2 UNDERSTAND: Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h)

  • Understand the importance of a clear problem statement
  • Know types of problems and strategies on how to solve them (if needed)
  • Know why alignment is a crucial part of an innovation challenge
  • Know dimensions and methods to frame any problem
  • Know Reframing and other possibilities to get from problem-focus via "Problutions" towards ideation

If you need more info or want to check if it fits your learning goals, just book an info session with Fritz.

Digital Tools:

We will use Zoom or Meetbutter as our video-chat-program to deliver the main training.

Online Exercises will be done in Miro. Miro is an online whiteboard that works like a charm for collaborative challenges. Imagine it as an online workshop room where you can do everything you are used to in a workshop room. Sticky notes, Whiteboard, etc. - it is all there. But it can do even more, as you can upload pictures, links, and any other digital stuff that might be helpful in your project.

We will onboard you on Miro upfront to the training program with a little exercise. However, experience shows that even the least online-savvy person gets a grip on it after a few minutes of confusion.

Btw, we just love Miro :)

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

DAY8 Way - Training method

Learning by Doing

Our trainings are hands-on and interactive. No one-way talks by a teacher but collaborative development of content and practical exercises based on real-life experiences.

For each learning style

Whether you are an auditory, visual, motoric, or communicative learner - our trainings are based on all channels. A clear training structure of explanation, visualization, application and discussion stimulates all senses and therefore supports sustainable learning.


Trainings are often boring and focussed on content exclusively. We at DAY8 believe that fun is an important part of self-development and that if we engage in positive emotions it supports the learning process. After all, without fun, we wouldn't do what we do. And this is what every attendee will feel when having a training with us.

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

Who should attend

Everyone who wants to actively drive innovation or change within her company or for herself.

Our attendees are typically from the professional areas of UX, Business Development, Project Management, Product Management or -Development, Creative agencies, SME owners, Startups, Consultants, Innovation-responsibles, or Leadership.

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

Who runs the training?

The training will be lead by Fritz Seidel, Co-owner of DAY8 innovation Advisory.

DAY8 is focussing on helping businesses to overcome hurdles when it comes to develop and implement change and innovation. Most of our clients are based in Switzerland and from the startup field or leading markets in FMCG, ICT, Media or sustainability.

After decades in corporate business and several years of experience in the startup sector, the two founders started to dig deeper into the best frameworks to succeed when it comes to building up things or changing existing ones. They saw too often that businesses fail when it comes to innovation projects - be it Startups or grown-up Corporates. We are here to help and give impulses to overcome those hurdles.

If you need more info on the program or want to check if it fits your learning goals, just book an info session with Fritz.

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image

		Problem (Re-)Framing (2x2h, online) image


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