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How close are we to introduce a non-human project manager?

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Are you ready for a paradigm shift in project management?

Too often in standard project environments, stagnant process models leave project managers in a maze of unscalable walls. These obstacles are often the risks, fluctuating resources, or surprising communication issues that project managers face every day. An AI software agent can adapt, providing a necessary road map and easy navigation for increasingly more difficult projects.

With over thirty-five years in the technology industry, project management professional Paul Boudreau provides this essential guide to simplify and revolutionize the way projects are managed.

The Self-Driving Project demonstrates how a data-driven approach and the latest concepts of AI technology can dramatically improve project performance. These software tools are available now and can change your organization’s strategy on how to deliver projects.

In this meetup event, we will discuss the key points of Paul Boudreau’s new book, mainly about the concepts of a self-driving project and how close we are to implementing non-human project management agents.

About our guest:

Paul Boudreau is a highly respected project management professional with over thirty-five years of experience in the technology industry.

Paul is currently a college professor in Ottawa, Canada where he teaches in the project management program. He is a global leader in researching and applying AI concepts to project management, focusing on three areas: machine learning, natural language processing, and genetic algorithms.

He is obsessed with finding ways to dramatically increase project success rates and has written three books about using AI for project management, «Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management», «How the Project Management Office Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Bottom Line», and his newest book “The Self-Driving Project”.

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Veranstalter von Self-Driving Projects using AI

This community's goal is to share insights on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in the Project Management practice and bring together project management professionals, decision-makers, business people, and anyone interested, to exchange ideas, experiences and trigger relevant discussions.

We plan to host live interviews and panel discussions on our youtube live channel about a range of topics related to the benefits, challenges, and required steps to transition to a new approach that will disrupt and revolutionise the project management industry.

While this community is targeting primarily the Central European Market, this group is open to anyone interested to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Project Management.

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