Swiss Blockchain Hackathon #SBHACK21

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Swiss Blockchain Hackathon 2021 Solve real-world business challenges with cutting-edge blockchain protocols. Visit

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About the #SBHACK21

Why you should participate:

• Hack with Java, Rust, Solidity, C, C++

• More than CHF 350‘000 in awards (more to be announced)

• Access to blockchain protocols with over 6.5 billion market capitalization

• Meet like-minded hackers and have fun

• Easiest way to fund startup ideas with grants!

• Job opportunities: already 5000+ blockchain jobs Switzerland

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Veranstalter Trust Square

Veranstalter von Swiss Blockchain Hackathon #SBHACK21

Located in the heart of Switzerland's commercial center, Trust Square provides a space for innovative ideas to flourish. With disruptive technologies as the common denominator, Trust Square connects entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, businesses, investors and academics and allows them to pursue their visions in an open, versatile and diverse environment.

Trust is not only about technology per se, but also about open dialogue and the integration of appropriate applications into society. It's beyond technology. No matter what technology you’re engaged in, join us and our network of experts, find inspiration and the resources to pursue your vision.


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