The Biopôle Companies Present Themselves (May 2nd)

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The Biopôle Companies Present Themselves (May 2nd)

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SE-B Building - Ground Floor Route de la Corniche 5 Route de la Corniche 5 1066 Epalinges Switzerland

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During a lunch break time slot Biopôle’s workshops allow corporate and academic members to profit from an expert’s unique experience about a selected subject or from Biopôle companies, and to share experiences and insights in a very convivial hands-on format.

For our next workshop on May 2nd, we are hosting another session of our special format:

The Biopôle Companies Present Themselves

This will be a unique experience to better know each others, and certainly create an even more dynamic spirit in our unique ecosystem.

Come and join our 4 companies in our next workshop and share good food and precious learnings from:

  1. Christoph Kundig, Managing Director & CSO at Med Discovery
  2. Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani, CEO of SFL
  3. Ole Stoklund, Founder at GetSet Surgical
  4. Stanislas Blein, Senior Director - Head Antibody Engineering, Innovation and Development Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Lunch is offered but seats are limited*; first come first served!

*Members and academic neighbours of Biopôle shall have first priority. Biopôle SA reserves the right to hold registrations of external guests.