Council For Human Development Swiss Association

The Council for Human Development is a non-profit Swiss association of social entrepreneurs to create sustainable work and unleash human potential.

The number one asset class to invest into for the future is human activity and potential (governments are the only ones who have historically invested consistently into this area). Humans are always active and building wealth if they have the tools, platform and wisdom available to them. Humans also have a huge latent potential in terms of suppressed creativity, communication, and confidence - through negative self-identification - 1000- 3000% more. Once you release this you get a new kind of person who succeeds without doubt as they are far more advanced than the majority.

Now we have a platform for investment into human potential, where we teach people all over the world how to do this at a time when many people are losing their jobs and businesses. It’s the future of human activity beyond the old understandings of work as a subject which will change in the next ten years. The platform is called the Human Blockchain and administered by a Swiss non-profit movement - The Council For Human Development.

Our mission is to prepare people mentally for the challenges they will face over the coming decade and beyond. To develop the minds of as many people as possible into super creative natural states of communication and confidence; empowering them to become the visionary thinkers of the future, people who will interface with spiritual AI in ways we cannot currently comprehend.

Our workshops are live professional trainings for prospective partners and trainers in quantum psychology and other fields. Quantum psychology accelerates the mind through the exploration of the five dynamics of life - personal, social, environmental, situational and universal - with a view to expanding consciousness, creativity, communication, and confidence skills exponentially. It addresses the unlimited potential we are all naturally born and gifted with.

If you feel there is more to life than you may currently be aware of and would like to explore this further, or always wanted to make a difference in society, get in touch and let's start co-creating a better world together.

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