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Dhyan Vimal Institute - Switzerland

Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning offers the teachings, meditations and programmes of Dhyan Vimal, an enlightened Master and scholar within the field of human transformation. Dhyan Vimal has dedicated the last 30 years to bring awareness to the inherent possibility of each human being to live a life in absolute fulfilment. This is referred to as enlightenment in the East.

The DV Institute offers Dhyan Vimal’s teachings online, as well as on ground through our facilitators in USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malaysia, among many other countries in the world.

In Zurich, we are offering regular meditations in the city. Silent retreats and longer meditation programmes in Dhyan Vimal’s Brahmasree Ashram in Stockholm, where Dhyan Vimal visits twice a year to work personally with his students.

Visit our free Masterclass library to explore many lectures by Dhyan Vimal

About Dhyan Vimal

Welcome to get in touch with us and to explore our meditations and teachings!

Warm regards,
DV Institute Team Switzerland

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